David Kellum Furniture Studio
Port Townsend, Washington

Designing and building residential and commercial wood furniture allows me to join my creative and technical abilities together.  I create graceful, contemporary pieces that highlight the natural beauty of the wood.  My pieces make the most of a valuable natural resource, and provide lasting beauty and utility.

Everything is built in my furniture studio where I strive to create a shared design expression with my customers.  I would like to invite anyone interested in my work to contact me to discuss a commissioned piece or to purchase an existing one.  I have much of my current work on my site, but it isn't possible for me to show it all.  If you are looking for something specific I send me photos or links and I can develop a design. This is often the best way to get what you desire for your specific project.

I am currently working on new designs that will be on my website soon. I encourage all visitors to contact me if there is something we can work on together.

Port Townsend, Washington
(360) 774-6285